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If you have questions, God's Word always has the answers.


We Gather Every Sunday & Wednesday!

Here at New Life Baptist Church, we have a time of worship with music and often special testimonies of life change, prayer, and a Biblical message.

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If you are looking for info about New Life Baptist Church, you’ve found the right place! 


If you visit us on Sunday morning, you will have the opportunity to attend a small group Bible Study and our morning worship service. We always have a hot cuppa and a snack and someone right by the door that can answer any question that you have at the time.

We have exciting, large and small group Bible study classes (also known as “Sunday School classes”) for every age group. You can find out where your age group meets for Sunday School when you arrive.

Our morning worship service is an uplifting time of singing and a challenge from the Word of God. You will hear traditional hymns from a hymnal (songbook) and then Pastor Philip will preach a message from God’s Word. Every Sunday evening we meet at 6pm for a small group Bible study that we call Family Bible Hour! This time on Sunday evenings is designed to be an open discussion as Pastor Philip teaches from the Bible about what God’s plan is for our homes. You will not want to miss our Wednesday night Bible study and prayer time either. The Bible is explained and the listener is challenged to study for themselves what the Scriptures say.


In the 10AM Sunday School Hour, Pastor teaches the teens and adults in the main worship room and children aged 12 and under are taught in our Children’s class.

In the 11AM service on Sundays, we encourage the parents to keep their children with them in the service until the singing is done. Then we begin a children’s church time in another room. So the kids will be encouraged to join this fun time of teaching and singing as those that remain in the main worship room here the message that Pastor Philip shares.

A fully staffed and trained Cre’che is provided for all services for parents of little ones.

If you have any special needs, please don’t hesitate to speak with us about them. We always do our very best to make sure that EVERYONE feels a warm welcome at NLBC. We do have wheelchair access to our unit, but it is always advisable to let us know ahead of time if at all possible, so we can get access to the lift in our building.


We do not have a dress code for our members or guests. Although many of our leadership and members dress in a “traditional style,” we want you to feel welcome and comfortable while you visit. We enjoy church and treat it like the very thing it is- a special place to worship the Lord together.


Pastor Philip is available any time after services.  You may also contact the church office and schedule a time. Our pastor and his wife are just normal people who you can talk to.

We have free Bibles and  several pieces of Bible study material that we can give to you to work through in either a self-guided way or we would be very happy to arrange personal Bible study with you in a location of your choosing. Please contact us through the contact info on our website.


Please give us a call in our office at +353 86 041 3946 or email us at

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